Hide's Bakery - The Bakery

At Hide's Bakery we set the standards high

We're committed to delivering fresh food from our on-site bakery daily.

Hides is a bakery steeped in history. It is as much a part of Benalla as the lake and the roses. We’re committed to delivering fresh food which is produced and baked from our on-site premises daily. We offer dine-in, takeaway as well as catering for functions and gatherings.

A trip to Hides is not only a way to enjoy a range of tasty, baked goods, it’s also a trip down memory lane.

The walls are adorned with an array of items from north-east Victoria’s past – a box from Benalla Butter Factory, a bag of wheat from Grant & Wilson in Yarrawonga, the scales that Percy Hide used to weigh ingredients, original Small & Shattell ovens and the original bike used to deliver Hides bread to Benalla, to name a few.

We have lots of memorabilia, including the old trough Stephen and Philip’s grandfather used to make the dough by hand in, and it has the original flour sieve on top. A lot of items have passed through the generations and we’ve had a lot restored including the old scotch ovens.

The bike we have above the door is an original Herald Sun bike that was used to deliver papers before it was used to deliver our bread. It’s got our original phone number on it, which used to be 324, and our number now is 57622-324, so it is still the same, it has just grown as they’ve added digits.