Hide's Bakery - The Café

Step inside and enjoy a taste of history

Our café is the perfect place to enjoy everything we create, fresh, every day.

Hides Bakery create an incredible range of mouth-watering food, including a wide range of breakfast options, all lovingly prepared on site. Meat pies, variety pies, pasties and sausage rolls. Sourdough, multigrain and other varieties of breads and rolls. Biscuits, cakes and slices, donuts, foccacias, coffee, milkshakes …. the list goes on and on.

We also offer a beautiful fresh salad bar where you can choose your own combination of freshly cut meats and salads for your sandwiches and rolls.

There is also a fresh juice and smoothie menu.

Stephen and Phil pride themselves on serving some of the traditional recipes that their grandfather created 90 years ago. The meat pie and pastie recipe, Christmas cakes, scones and delicious Gingernut biscuits are all original. Come in and see us and try some of our delicious food.